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Connor Croasmun, Clarinet

Clarinetist Connor Croasmun is an esteemed performer and pedagogue currently based in Tallahassee, Florida. His playing and teaching has brought him to many festivals, conferences and performances around North and Central America. 

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About Connor

From his hometown of Savannah, GA, Connor attended the University of Georgia (UGA) where he received his Bachelors in Music (Clarinet performance). He later attended Florida State University (FSU) where he earned his Masters of Music, also in clarinet performance. He is currently enrolled at FSU as a Doctorate in Music student. In his academic life, Connor has held posts as a graduate assistant at both UGA and FSU teaching lessons to undergraduate music majors and minors.

Connor is currently the clarinetist in the Fountain Five (F5) Wind Quintet of Tallahassee. He has performed with numerous ensembles including playing principal clarinet in the top symphony orchestras of UGA and FSU, principal in the Hodgson Wind Ensemble (with a performance at CBDNA and a service-learning tour to Panama, Central America,) clarinetist of the UGA Contemporary Chamber Ensemble called Rote Hund Musik, clarinetist of a pop-contemporary ensemble called Millenium Project, and principle of the FSU Wind Orchestra. Connor’s performing has brought him to many interesting events and opportunities over the years, including a short internship at Chedeville Mouthpiece Company where he helped develop the newest line of clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces.

Connor’s primary teachers include Jonathan Holden, Deborah Bish, and D. Ray McClellan, but he has had the opportunity to study with numerous names in the clarinet field, including Alain Desgagne of the Montreal Symphony, Robert Dilutis of the University of Maryland, Dan Gilbert of the University of Michigan, and both Ted Gurch and Alcides Rodriguez of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Get to Know Connor

Q: When did you learn to play your instrument? 

A:  I started playing clarinet when I was 11.

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