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Fountain Five performing at middle school

Middle & High School Workshops


Chamber Music Masterclasses & Coachings

Chamber music presents a unique challenge in that there is no single person directing the ensemble in artistic vision and alignment. The purpose of these masterclasses and coachings are to assist ensembles in discovering how to work together to present a cohesive musical idea that reflects the general and individual ideas by a group, as well as problem solving and rehearsing in a group setting. These techniques are invaluable to rehearsing in a timely manner and developing an ensemble's unique sound. 


Individual Masterclases

Members of the Fountain Five Wind Quintet split into different classrooms to provide individualized instruction to students on their instruments.


Guide to College Applications

There are so many colleges with great music programs in the US - how is one supposed to know which one may be a good fit? This seminar discusses what students should look for in a collegiate music program and what kind of questions to ask of each university.



This offering sets aside a dedicated time for students to ask the Fountain Five Wind Quintet about anything and everything related to career development, chamber music, community engagement, their professional and collegiate experience, and whatever else they might be curious about!

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